About Pam

I love my life and look forward to sharing all kinds of Creative Design with you. I hope you will enjoy my Design Spark or Pretty Inspired Design Blog. I hope that you will become inspired by reading my blog and realize that we all can create beauty around us with a few simple tips. 
My posts will cover everything from Interior Design such as designing a centerpiece for your table, hosting a creative fun party for a special occasion; or Graphic Design such as unique invitations or developing a stylish logo plus corporate and online identity for your business. I will give my advice on Creative Design that Works! which is the tag line for Ashford Design.  I hope that you will share your thoughts and follow me on this fun interactive experience.

My name is Pam Ansted Uller. I have been an Art Director and Graphic Designer for over 25 years. I worked for many years designing and winning awards in the Automotive Advertising and Marketing Industry. I left the corporate world and own my own Graphic Design Company - Ashford Design Studio. I design Corporate Identity as well as Art Direct and help small businesses with Advertising, Sales, Marketing, Web Site Development and Interior Design. As I was told by Ian the sales guy at the Apple Store today, "You sound like an Entrepreneur!" and he's right- I am. You can be too! I look forward to giving you some of my thoughts on this subject.

 Thanks for visiting, I hope that you come back soon! I love comments, as I would love to get to know you.