Saturday, December 1, 2012

Style Trends for Holidays 2012 & Spring 2013

I know that I like to stay on top of the lastest trends in Style.  So a few weeks ago, I put together a "Jewelry Style trends for the Holidays and Spring of 2013" Flyer for my Sara Blaine Jewelry business with Willow House. I went through some of the fashion magazines as well as I went searching on the web to websites in the know such as Jewelry of America and several other top googled fashion trend reports out there. 
So for the next ten days I'm posting on my Facebook business page a Style tip to know about: 

For myself I feel that whether your are younger or older, you can still be a Style force in your circle of friends. Nothing makes you feel better than knowing that you are wearing what is considered "In".  So for you all my followers, Keep up with me on both of my pages as I post a style trend for you to learn.

Remember that with my company, we have this awesome Customer Program called "Nifty Fifty" as well as Hostess Rewards that makes it really easy to save. I'm going to save that for a post another day or click on my link above to find out how you can get a discount and save.

Day One: Wear a Statement Necklace & Earrings

Style Trend One: The Number One Style Trend for the Holidays & Spring 2012 is "Wear a Statement Necklace & Earrings." A spectacular piece of jewelry is a great investment and makes the perfect gift. Isn't this beautiful? It's one of the prettiest necklaces we have to offer right now and a definite statement piece. Pink looks good on everyone.  We also have a slightly smaller one as well. 
This is a photo of the large Aubree Necklace. The Large necklace has a 13.5 karat ink Tourmaline Quarta stone that has been handcut in this beautiful mosaic pattern. heres the link if you have to have it! better yet, make a wish List and send me your favorite person who buys for you information. I'm happy to be Santa's Helper.

Here is a photo of our other Aubree necklace , I do have this necklace and absolutely love it. what's great about it is that you can slip this Gem off of the necklace and wear it plain or with another enhancer. ( Another style trend:)

This necklace has a 8.5 Karat Pink Tourmaline Quartz stone, hand set in these beautifully detailed prongs as well as the stone itself is a mosaic cut that just absolutely sparkles. It's pretty special and it's something that you can absolutely wear every day! 

Here' s the Link:

You can't forget the earrings! They are stunning as well and will make quite a statement on their own too. What do you think?! Here's the picture and the link. 

P.S. My bonus for today! I'm having a 12 days of Bling Sale!

The Offer is in the Photo. Check it out and you will fall in love with this ring! It's the same size as the medium necklace above. LInks are below.

 The Aubree Links Necklace has a 8.5 karat Pink Tourmaline Quartz stone: 

Well that's it until next time. Enjoy & put this on your 

Wish List or go buy yourself a Statement Piece!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Enjoy Your Labor Day!

Wow! It's been awhile, I've been missing blogging but trying to fit it in with some of my multiple jobs is sometimes a hard thing to do. But it's time for me to start posting more though as Life is an adventure and writing about it is a good thing. It makes you appreciate all that you have. I've got so much great design inspiration to share.
"There's always a Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow!"

As Labor Day weekend is here, I just want to wish you all the very best with your family and friends. Be thankful and grateful for all that you have. I love inspirational quotes and think that the one above is the perfect one to post today.Remember that no matter what rough patches you go through, things will get better. Just keep following that rainbow and you will find your pot of gold! This picture was taken as we were driving home from visiting my parents through some pretty sketchy rainstorms. Of course after the rain,comes the rainbow! Wishing you simply good design! God Bless.