Monday, April 11, 2011

Inspiration can come from the Most Unexpected Places

Inspiration Monday
Life gets busy sometimes. I haven't meant to be the blogger who has NOT been blogging because I love it, but it's a busy time for me. That being said, I am sure it is a busy time for you too! If you are reading this, Thank You for following along. If you are not a follower, Think about it. I promise when I do post, to make it worth your while and give you some to to either inspire or learn from.
Today I am sharing two things. 
This is a photo from my phone taken of the crocus that were blooming in my yard from last year. This year, the first one started peaking out yesterday, when we had 80 degree weather. Today it's 59 & rainy.
First a picture from my yard last year. I love Spring because it's when everything that has gone dormant and it comes back to life. I love the bright colors and everything turns green  or is blooming. This year, although Easter is pretty late, so is Spring. My fear is that it might go right into summer,with the weather we had yesterday.

The second is a website that is more than just a website. You will understand what I mean when you go and check it out. 
It is called: 
It literally takes you on a rollercoaster ride across the  web. You sign up and tell them your interests, check any subjects that might interest you. My Alyssa was the one who actually made me sign up for it. I did NOT want to do it and she told me that I had to. Let me tell you, when your kids TELL you that you have to do something, you do it.
This website is so inspiring! I love photographs, quotes and inspiration among other things. as you hit the button that says "Stumbleupon" it takes you to websites that have content that is related to what you have listed as categories that interest you. After you look at the site you can either click the "Like" button or go stumble upon another site.

Yesterday, I found the perfect site for me this week. 
It was called, 
and the title of the post was 
I am always looking for tips to make life better. It seems to me that the older you get, the more honest you get with yourself. You don't always know the answers to everything and it is helpful to read what helps others and most likely it will help you too.
Well, got to go- say a prayer for Alyssa today as she has to go in for some outpatient surgery today.
Have a Great Day!