Monday, February 21, 2011

Inspiration Monday- The Butterfly Effect OPEN Project

A few weeks ago, I read about the Butterfly Project on Two Dresses Studio. I wanted to post about this on one of my Inspiration Monday posts, especially after participating in the 2011 One World One Heart Event. It really intrigued me as it was a pretty substantial way to have Artwork make a statement. "The Butterfly Project" is hosted by The Holocaust Museum Houston in Texas, USA. Here is a copy of some of her post: 
Their mission  as follows:
The Holocaust Museum Houston is dedicated to educating people about the Holocaust, remembering the 6 million Jews and other innocent victims and honoring the survivors' legacy. Using the lessons of the Holocaust and other genocides, we teach the dangers of hatred, prejudice and apathy.  And the tag line following it reads:

Stop Hate. Starting Here.

The Butterfly Project mandate is to remember 

the 1,500,000 innocent children who perished  

as a result of the Holocaust 

by collecting 1.5 million handmade butterflies.

In Spring 2013, these butterflies will then become a break-taking exhibition to serve as a memory of this event. 
Can you imagine? 1.5 million children translated into 1.5 million butterflies....? If you are wondering why they chose a butterfly, the project is based on this poem -
I Never Saw Another Butterfly
The last, the very last,

So richly, brightly, dazzlingly yellow
Perhaps if the sun’s tears would sing
against a white stone.... 

Such, such a yellow
Is carried lightly ’way up high.
It went away I’m sure 
because it wished 
to kiss the world good-bye.
 For seven weeks I’ve lived in here
Penned up inside this ghetto.
But I have found what I love here.
The dandelions call to me
And the white chestnut branches in the court.
Only I never saw another butterfly. 
That butterfly was the last one.
Butterflies don’t live in here, in the ghetto. 

Written  by Pavel Friedman, June 4, 1942 
Born in Prague on Jan. 7, 1921.
Deported to the Terezin Concentration Camp on April 26, 1942. 
Died in Aushchwitz on Sept. 29, 1944. 
Pavel was 23.    23.  My Aaron is just a couple of years younger than that. 

This week, I am going to be sending a butterfly. At least one, maybe more. It depends on how many I can make this week. I will be sending it on to my blogger friend, Two Dresses Studio who is an amazing and inspirational artist. You see, just like her, this post and learning of this event touched me. It has inspired me to participate and create my own butterfly art and to send it onto her. If you would like to read more about this, go to her blog and read about this event. Then- Participate with me! 

This is what else was on her post & My Inspiration for today:

The Butterfly Effect "OPEN" 

...borrowing from  chaos theory, but  much more importantly  

based on the wonderful notion that if enough people 

think enough healing thoughts, 

then slowly our world will be at peace. 

No one said it better than Gandhi -  

Be the change 

you want to see in the world.

This is the power of the collective consciousness.   
Wouldn't this be a great place to start? 
So Consider yourself invited! 
YOU don't have to be an Artist to participate. 
Just pick up your colored Pens, pencils, watercolors, paints, fabrics- whatever makes you feel inspired and create a butterfly for Spring. Then go to Two dresses link her and follow the directions where to send your art. She is taking pictures of all of the butterflies and posting them after she gets a batch, so you can see what others have made. If you go over there to her blog you can see all of what has been done so far. 

Follow the instructions  as outlined by the  Holocaust Museum highlighted in blue below.  When your  copyright free butterfly is completed, pop it into an envelope  including your name, email and blog or web address  and mail it to:

Two Dresses Studio
1554 - 20 Avenue South
Lethbridge, AB  T1K1E9
DEADLINE - next year, December 31st, 2011 

Holocaust Museum Houston
c/o Butterfly Project
Education Department
5401 Caroline St.
Houston, TX 77004

The deadline for butterflies to be received at the museum has now been established as June 30, 2012.

Friday, February 18, 2011

...and We have an OWOH Winner!

It was so much fun being a part of an amazing Journey, by participating in the One World One Heart Event for the past 17 days. I was privileged to be able to have wonderful people from all over the world (yes, that part was so amazing! "Squee!" -my girl happiness sound) come to visit my blog. 

I appreciate it more than you will ever know. Your words and messages were so positive and encouraging. I appreciate those who also decided to follow me after reading my OWOH post. I promise to do my best to keep you inspired -just as many of you have inspired me. I feel badly that I was not able to visit all of you who came here yet, but that's because I really went visiting at the sites that I went to. SO if I have not come to yours yet and you visited me, I do plan on visiting in the near future.- I promise! 
I am ready to take the pastel and pencils and start sketching up a storm in the next few weeks. I do have to get some other projects out of the way first. 
Now without further ado.....(Drum Rolllllllll........)
The Winner of the French Market Door Bucket is.....

Dale Ann aka De La Renaissance
her blog is: Chronicles of Whimsy

If you have fallen in love with this door or wall bucket, it's on
page 62 of my Willow House catalog. Click on the Willow House button to the right
and it will take you to our online shopping area.
And now for a little extra bonus...
I have added a couple of Extra Giveaways!
Never in a million years did I really expect so many of your to stop by for a visit.
Because I expected 50 and not 163 people to visit me, it made me think that I should add another prize or two! Honestly, I would love to give you all a little something, but don't think that my Brian would be liking the postage bill I'll be racking up ! these are really cute, sweet and most importantly- Petite!  This is a collection of three pretty in white Petite Bud vases. I'm going to be sending one of these to three lucky people. Here's a picture:
These little Petite Cuties are available in our Willow House eOutlet.
This week, they are on Sale and part of our weekly sale! They are a Steal at that low price!

These vases will be sent to the following people:

(I will post a link to her blog here after I contact her tomorrow)

Cameron -her blog is:

and last but not least
Carolyn or Connie- her blog is:

And I won something too!
I am so excited- 
It's a beautiful "Sweet Dreams" Hanging Bear given to me by Annie! 

It's late to I'll be contacting you ladies tomorrow regarding getting your addresses to send you your gifts. Thanks once again to everyone who came to visit! I hope you will stop by again real soon.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

To Make Entertaining Easier... Come up with a Theme.

It's Thursday... so that means Today's post will be about

The Art of Entertaining.

Almost everyone likes to throw a Party now and then. Some more than others, but that's a whole other topic... SO, once you decide that you want to celebrate something, whether it be a birthday, dinner party, holiday or just because- then it's time to make a plan and come up with a "To-Do" list. You need this to stay organized and this helps your party to be successful. (Check out my post on "Planning for a Successful Party" for more details.)

 The Best Parties are Successful 
because they have a THEME!
You can get this napkin as well as
other party supplies from:

A Theme gives your party much more of a WOW factor with your guests. It doesn't matter how old the guests are, but a theme gets everyone excited and anticipating your party. You are more likely to have more "Yes" responses if you send out your invite by snail mail, an Evite over the internet or even Facebook event notice (if you want a BIG party-LOL) to let your friends, family & others know about the party you are having. Let me spell it out for you...

Sample One: 
You are cordially invited to my house on Friday, February 18 for a casual dinner. We hope you can attend.

Sample Two:
Hola! Pam & Brian are hosting a Mexican Fiesta with Margarita Madness this Friday, February 18. We'd love for you to come party with us.

Which party sounds like it will be more fun to you? 
Well, I hope you answered Sample Two! 
This photo is from

A Theme not only gets your guests excited, 
but it gets you, the host inspired as well. 
The possibilities are endless, a lot depends on what you want to celebrate. At the bottom of this post I will list some themes, but I also would love to hear from you. Lets grow this idea list of Party Themes. I'll return and post more if you make a comment adding your theme idea to my list in a red color.

If you are having a hard time coming up with what you think is a great theme, then take a quick run to your local party supply store, or better yet "Google" Party Themes. You will receive some interesting and fabulous ideas from the web sites that appear.
Now I just said, go to the party supply store; but unless you love what they are have and it's a decent price, go home and make most of your own theme invitations & decorations. 
Get inspired! With a Theme,you can create 
your own way cooler, unique, fun, 
creative and less expensive decorations.
The "go ahead and buy it rule" is if you are short on time, have the money to spend or don't think that you can come up with anything better than what you see at the store. It's really ok to buy party supplies, but my blog here is to inspire you and help you get more creative. I like to buy things when they are really cute, pretty or unusual, of quality and the price is right,( but I'm also really picky and a perfectionist!) I love being creative and make my own creations. 


Kids' Parties:
Alice in Wonderland
Dress Up Time
Harry Potter Hogwarts
Home on the Range Cowboy 
Let's be a Princess Party
Let the Force be with You!
Pirates of the Caribbean 
Pretty in PInk
Tea Party
Toy Story

Make your own mask just like these!
Love this photo from

Casual Get-togethers:
Casino Royale
Chocolate Dreams
Football Team (Pittsburgh Steelers) Party
Girls Night Out
Ghouls-Girls Night Out
Sandals & Sangria
Halloween Monster Mash
Kiss me I'm Irish!
Love My Italiano Pasta NightMexican Fiesta
Margarita Madness
Mardi Gras Party time
Red,WhIte & Blue Fourth of July
Super Bowl 
Sandals and Sangria
Wine and Cheese

So why not have a party? Everyone loves a get together. 
Use my tips to get started and have fun! Cheers!

One World One Heart 2011

Hello Everyone! 
Thanks so much for visiting my Design Spark! Blog. I am so excited to participate in the fifth Annual One World One Heart 2011 - a worldwide event for Bloggers. This post will remain at the top of my page until February 17th, 2011. Check below for more recent posts:)

I N T R O D U C T I O N S:
For those new to my Design Spark! Blog and visiting from OWOH, let me introduce myself to you. Here is a little bit about me: My name is Pam Ansted Uller. I am a Designer from the US who lives in the State of Michigan,( aka "The Mitten" covered in snow right now!) I have been an Artist for most of my life. It is the one thing that defines the essence of who I am. I own Ashford Design Studio where I get the opportunity to create all kinds of creative design, marketing and sales for whoever needs it.
A B O U T  M E:
I am an Art DIrector and Graphic Artist with fine art tendencies, although it has been a really long time since I have created what I consider fine art other than photography. I have been designing, photographing, drawing, sewing & creating artwork for myself, family, friends and now clients since I was in high school. You name it, I have probably done it-LOL and had fun while doing it too! I could start listing some of the artistic endeavors that I have experienced over the years, but that would actually be a good idea for a post! My first artistic memory goes back to drawing something in Kindergarten that people were impressed by, so follow me and you'll read about more sometime!
F A M I L Y:
My life is pretty busy, but then whose life isn't?!  I have an awesome supportive husband Brian and two great kids- Aaron & Alyssa plus two happy cats, Oreo & Kit Kat. My family is my world and love them dearly. I have a huge extended family- believe me, 38 first cousins is alot, plus many more close connections.
G O A L S:
My aspirations for this year include getting back in touch with my roots to create more inspirational fine artwork "just because", not for someone else as a job. I'm a BIG "Do-It-Yourselfer." I love to share ideas, hence starting my blogs- I'm still relatively new to it. However, I consider myself a private person. This is the first time in a long time that I have shared anything personal about me with the "Virtual" world without knowing who will actually discover me*. This sharing is actually a good thing I think, as our lives are defined by the connections we make. 
C O M M E N T  A N D  W I N!
As a part of this event, I am offering a chance to win a lovely " Design Spark!  Comment & Win Prize". It's a Flower Market Door Bucket from Willow House. I have created a pretty Spring silk flower bouquet to display in this door bucket. It's a really pretty way to make a statement to welcome everyone to your home.

H O W  T O  E N T E R:
Everyone gets ONE chance to enter to win. 
To get a chance to win, MAKE A COMMENT on this post.

I will put your name on a ticket and draw one ticket at midnight on February 17th, 2011. I will post the name of the winner here too. Good Luck! I know you'll love this beautiful designer product. It retails on my Willow House web site for $39.96 plus the cost of the flowers, so this prize is worth approximately $52. Thanks for entering. I hope you enjoy exploring my blog and leave inspired to do something creative!  
I am looking forward to connecting with more extraordinary people so check out my Design Spark! blog world. Follow me, if you find my musings interesting. I hope you do! :)

G O O D  B Y E  F O R  N O W!
For others who have wandered by and want to discover what "One World One Heart 2011" is about, click on the button on the right, it will take you to links to discover it for yourself.  Special thanks to LIsa who had an idea and started an awesome event.

 *(Except for Twitter! my personal recommendation for self therapy when your loved ones don't care to hear you talk about the importance of nothing that is earth shatteringly important, but it's in your mind and you need to get it out! BTW you don't really want to read those tweets, they are pretty random!)